Jonas Jansen

PostDoc in Mathematics (Faculty of Engineering), LTH, Lunds Universitet.


room number 547

Sölvegatan 18A

223 62 Lund, Sweden

I am a post-doctor in mathematics at the LTH at Lunds Universitet. I received my Ph.D. in mathematics from Universität Bonn in 2022, supervised by Juan J. L. Velázquez.

My research focuses on the study of nonlinear PDEs arising from asymptotic models in fluid dynamics describing the dynamical behaviour of free interfaces. Mainly, I am working on thin-film models in various geometries, rheologies and considering different physical effects. My main interests include:

  • the modelling of physically relevant situations in various scaling limits
  • the analysis of stationary states and emerging patterns
  • the analysis of stability and instability phenonema and the long-time behaviour of solutions
  • modulating fronts and amplitude equations
  • questions on existence and uniqueness of classical and weak solutions

In more detail, I am currently working on emerging patterns for the thermocapillary Bénard-Marangoni problem. Furthermore, I work on the non-Newtonian classical thin-film equation. In the past, I have also worked on stochastic homogenisation in perforated domains.


Mar 13, 2024 The slides of the NMT-days 2024 are online
Aug 23, 2023 Our new paper Thermocapillary Thin Films: Periodic Steady States and Film Rupture is online, see arXiv:2308.11279.
Aug 14, 2023 Minisymposium at EquaDiff 2024
Jan 26, 2023 Our new paper Non-Newtonian thin-film equations: global existence of solutions, gradient-flow structure and guaranteed lift-off is online, see arXiv:2301.10300.

current teaching

Linjär Algebra
Matematisk Modellering